Starship Entertainment Responds To Jung Da Eun’s Claim That MONSTA X’s Wonho Owes Her $26,000

Starship got down to the truth.

Jung Da Eun, a former TV personality and Han Seo Hee’s supposed girlfriend, recently claimed that MONSTA X‘s Wonho owes her money. She uploaded a post to her Instagram, claiming that Wonho would avoid her whenever she tries to contact him.


Han Seo Hee commented that Wonho owes her 30 million won (~$26,000 USD) from about 6 years ago, and many of their friends confirmed their story. However, Starship Entertainment defended Wonho by revealing that they looked into the details and discovered that their claims are far from the truth.

They explained that they will not be responding to their claims since it is all false.

After confirming the details, we found that it isn’t true at all. We don’t feel the need to respond to her claims.

— Starship Entertainment

Former MONSTA X's Wonho vs. Jung Da Eun