Police Receive Warrant To Search Park Yoochun’s House Due To Drug Charges

This may prove whether he is innocent or guilty.

The police began searching JYJ Park Yoochun‘s private home at 9 am after a warrant was released for his recent drug allegations.

11 detectives visited his home to collect any potential pieces of evidence, such as phones. They also collected biological evidence, like his hair, to test them for any traces of drugs.

Park Yoochun became a suspect in Hwang Hana‘s drug case after she claimed that she used drugs with him. Although he held a press conference to deny all allegations that he was involved in her drug use and trafficking, police found credible evidence that he may have been involved by searching their phone records.

Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana announced their engagement back in 2017 before they announced their breakup later that same year. Reports claim that the two have been in frequent contact with each other even after the breakup.

News reports predict the new investigation into Park Yoochun’s home will validate or disprove his initial claims to never using illegal drugs in his life.

Source: Yonhap News

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