K-909 Releases Official Statement Regarding NMIXX Kyujin’s Drone Incident And The Fire On Stage

The production team shared their statement and apologized.

K-909 has released its official statement regarding the series of events that transpired on the June 10 filming of the show.

In a statement shared with Sports Seoul, they explained what happened, from the fire on stage to the drone that came into contact with NMIXX‘s Kyujin.

A section of the pink muhly grass in the artificial flower pot caught fire. We immediately evacuated the artist and extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher. We also ventilated the site and cleaned it up.

Regarding the fan who fainted while watching the recording, one person in the audience was having a difficult time, so we helped them leave. The production team recommended that the fan return home, but the fan expressed their intention to return to the filming. The fan re-entered with the production team staff member, and the team took measures so that the fan would be able to watch while sitting.

Regarding the drone that reached Kyujin’s head, after we confirmed that the drone was at Kyujin’s head, we immediately stopped filming with that drone. We checked her condition, both with her and with her agency. Afterward, we received confirmation that there were no problems with her condition and proceeded with filming again.

We are sorry that something like this happened. We will put the safety of the artists and the audience first and continue to pay thorough attention to safety issues in the future.

— K-909

Previously, it was reported that a drone hit the NMIXX members during filming at K-909, and the stage caught fire.

NMIXX’s Members Are Allegedly Struck By Drones During “K-909” Recording Accident — Stage Catches On Fire, People Faint

Source: Sports Seoul