Kang Daniel Discusses His Legal Victory And His Hopes For The Future

Daniel is thankful for everyone who helped him along the way.

On June 26th, Kang Daniel held an interview with YTN star. He talked about how difficult it was for him to suddenly stop promoting.

For myself who still has a lot of dreams and a lot I want to achieve, it was honestly very difficult during those five months that I had to stop promoting actively.

– Daniel

He then profusely thanked family and fans for supporting him and made a promise he means to keep.

Because there were fans, family and friends by my side who endured it together with me, cheered me on and supported me, I was able to gain strength. Although it was not easy, I got to this point in order to go on the right path. Moving forward, I want to continue walking on the right path with my fans. To the fans who have waited for a long time, I will not forget. I would like to greet you soon as Kang Daniel on stage, which is what fans are waiting for.

– Daniel

He then thanked the courts for giving him this opportunity by ruling in his favour in his case against LM Entertainment.

I once again sincerely thank the courts for their decision that allowed a 24-year-old young man to fulfill his dreams again. I will work even harder and take pride as a Korean artist to enhance the nation’s prestige.

– Daniel

Daniel is currently preparing his solo debut and his fans can hardly wait.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment