Kang Daniel’s KONNECT Entertainment Is Much Bigger Than Expected

KONNECT Entertainment is only the tip of the iceberg.

It was previously revealed that Kang Daniel has set up his own entertainment agency after winning his lawsuit against LM Entertainment.

But it turns out that KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actual big picture company Kang Daniel has established! Kang Daniel is the CEO to not only KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT but also KD Corporation.

KONNECT will manage Kang Daniel’s work in the entertainment industry, but KD Corporation will handle everything else regarding Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel established KD Corporation and is registered as the CEO.

Kang Daniel’s affairs in the entertainment industry will be handled by KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT. All other work related to Kang Daniel will be taken charge by KD Corporation.



Although KONNECT and KD Corporation are intertwined, the two companies were set up separately after Kang Daniel received advice from lawyers and specialists.

KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT and KD Corporation are companies with two different purposes. While he was setting up the two companies, Kang Daniel received help from lawyers and specialists. They advised that this method was the best in building his company so he established them separately.

Kang Daniel will have to learn how to run a company as he continues.


It appears Kang Daniel is gearing up not only to be the #1 male soloist in the industry but a business guru with his two major companies!

Kang Daniel