Kang Daniel’s Song “What are you up to” Drops From The MelOn Real Time Chart Following Dating News

His song is no longer charting.

On August 5, Dispatch reported that Kang Daniel and TWICE‘s Jihyo are currently dating. This was later confirmed by JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment, who said the couple are seeing each other with good feelings.

While international fans have been largely supportive of the relationship, Korean fans and netizens have been less than thrilled. Many K-Netz pointed out how Kang Daniel has only debuted two years ago while TWICE has been active for five years. Many are saying that the fame went to Kang Daniel’s head.

Though Kang Daniel set an official record for selling 460,000 albums in its first week of release, the song has dropped off MelOn‘s real time chart following news of his relationship. It was originally ranked high and even peaked at number 2 and its lowest being in the 20s. When the news dropped, however, it fell off the top 30.

Netizens are saying that his fans worked hard to get his song to the top of the charts, and that the fans must have been heartbroken after hearing he was in a relationship.

Why is it so urgent for him to date as soon as he debuts?

– Korean Netizen

Some netizens are saying that if he wanted to survive in the music industry, he should have waited before dating. Some antis are saying the song wasn’t good and he should have released a rap song rather than a vocal-heavy track.

Source: TheQoo

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