KARA’s Gyuri Had A Spicy Response When ITZY’s Yuna Asked About The Secret To Longevity As A Girl Group

Gyuri is the OG savage queen of the 2nd generation.

KARA recently made a comeback with “When I Move.” For those who don’t know, the girls are one of the 2nd generation of girl groups, having made their debut in 2007.

Their journey has not been all smooth sailing. KARA underwent multiple member changes, with Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung added in 2008. This iconic lineup of the two, in addition to Nicole, Gyuri, and Han Seungyeon went on to become one of the most successful girl groups in history. KARA’s popularity in Japan was unrivaled at one point, and they became the first Korean girl group to top the Oricon charts. Later, Heo Youngji was added to the lineup in 2014 after Nicole and Jiyoung left the company.

15 years after their original debut, the girls are back and better than ever. They recently performed their comeback on music shows, meeting their juniors. ITZY‘s Yuna wanted to know KARA’s secret to their longevity.

Yuna: And Gyuri sunbaenim, ITZY wants to promote for a long time too, like KARA. What’s your secret?

Gyuri: Well, our secret is the teamwork that’s been groomed by our love and friendship. But, more importantly, if you want to promote for a long time, marry late, everyone.

Her honest and spicy answer took everyone out.

Netizen reactions to her answer. | theqoo
  • “The goddess’ words are always right.”
  • “As expected of the goddess LOL”
  • “I missed this spiciness.”
  • “Thank you for this advice that will become the salt and light.”
  • “Ah f*ck LOL”

Gyuri is known for her savage and honest image. She’s the original “savage goddess” character that K-Pop knew!

Source: theqoo


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