KARA Seungyeon’s Response To Remembering Late Goo Hara Shatters K-Pop Fans’ Hearts

The recent comeback was an emotional one for KARA members, to say the least.

In celebration of their 15th debut anniversary, KARA members returned with Move Again—a special album of four tracks.


Following their last promotion of “When I Move” on Inkigayo on December 4, SeungyeonGyuriNicoleJiyoung, and Youngji gathered in front of the fans for a mini meet and greet.

There, the members took turns sharing their thoughts about the long-awaited comeback to the K-Pop scene and thanking the fans for their unending support. Seungyeon thanked her fellow members for working hard for the meaningful comeback.

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To be honest, I doubted this [comeback] would work. I thought the songs would end up stuck in my external hard drive and never make it out… But a lot of people helped us out.

I know this has been a struggle for my dongsaeng members, too… I’m truly grateful for them, for pulling this off. And for our unwavering fans, who show us never-ending love, I’m indebted. You are the reason we were able to come together like this and find happiness again. Our rocks, our greatest supporters. I really did have a lot of concerns. But even when I wasn’t sure about the comeback, doubting whether I’d be able to actually do it all over again, you had my back.

— Seungyeon

Then, after a short hesitation and a lot of emotional tears, she remembered the late Goo Hara—whom the group lost in 2019. While Seungyeon did not specifically mention the name, she is thought to have admitted still missing Goo Hara, so much that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to return to being KARA again. Fans also believe that Seungyeon meant she believed the late member to have been with the group every step of the way.

I… miss [her] so, SO much. So much that I did not think I’d be able to do this ever again. But I pushed through, believing that [she] was with us, doing this together.

— Seungyeon

The members’ emotional responses to remembering Goo Hara is shattering K-Pop fan hearts all over.

Seungyeon (left) and the late Goo Hara (right) | OSEN
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  • “I’ll listen to the song, remembering that it’s from six members.”
  • “I’ve been watching a lot of KARA’s performances from this comeback and from their previous promotions. Goo Hara was so talented. We lost a star… I hope she’s resting in peace now.”
  • “Sigh… How I miss Hara.”
  • “I wish only the best for both Goo Hara and KARA.”
  • “This is making me bawl.”
  • “Seungyeon said that putting this comeback together had been ‘stressful’ for her. I think she meant that she was struggling because she missed Hara a lot. She might’ve not said so, because it’s a long-awaited comeback and she doesn’t want to make her fans sad, but I have a hunch that’s what she meant by ‘stressed.'”

Kamilias (KARA fans) are sending words of love and comfort for KARA members, rooting for the group’s short-but-significant comeback to the stage.

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  • “It breaks my heart to hear her say that she didn’t think she could ever go back to being KARA again because she misses Hara so much. I bet Hara is promoting this album with them from where she is. It was great watching the group make a return.”
  • “Hara should have been here, that would have meant a lot… It’s so sad. I miss her so much.”
  • “Ugh… ‘So much that I did not think I’d be able to do this ever again’ SHATTERS my heart. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must have been. I miss Hara so much. I wanted KARA to promote a lot longer, but hopefully, we’ll get to see them again soon. Their comeback is a bop.”
  • “Damn…”
  • “I feel like they must miss Hara so much and want to say that they do. But it’s not easy to talk about her as much as they’d like… And that made things a lot tougher for them. I hope the members all remember that they’re not alone in missing and remembering Hara.”

Watch KARA’s final Inkigayo performance here.

Source: @onjyone and theqoo


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