“FIFTY FIFTY 2.0?” — Korean Media Reports On ATTRAKT’s Plans For Keena And Their New Girl Group

Here’s what Keena has been up to.

ATTRAKT has finally announced future plans for FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena and the company’s upcoming girl group. In a tangled case, the members of FIFTY FIFTY had filed a lawsuit against ATTRAKT to terminate their exclusive contract. At the end of it, Keena returned to the company after dropping out of the lawsuit with a tearful apology. The other three members’ contracts were terminated.


As Keena prepares for her future activities with ATTRAKT, ATTRAKT had announced that she would re-debut with other new members. On November 2, 2023, following an investigative report by OSEN, ATTRAKT is currently planning their new girl group around Keena. They will be picking three more members for a four-member girl group.

The original members of FIFTY FIFTY.

The group will continue to promote under the name FIFTY FIFTY and try to maintain the group’s color and originality. Currently, Keena is in a period of reflection, but continues to prepare for her re-debut. She has moved back to the dorms in Seoul. Keena had previously returned to her hometown, Daejeon, during the complicated lawsuit.

Source: Chosun Ilbo