Kellogg Korea’s New Chocolate Cereal TV Commercial Throws Koreans For A Loop

Yes… the same brand that released green onion cereal.

Kellogg Korea is back at it again!

| KelloggKorea/YouTube

Back in July 2020, the brand released its Chex Pamat, a green onion flavored cereal

| Kellogg Korea

… which expectedly went super viral, even among celebrities like Taeyeon and Han Ye Seul.

| HanYeSeulis/YouTube

Two months later, the brand is trying to get its original chocolate flavored Chex Choco back on radar…

| HomePlus

… with a refreshingly shocking TV commercial that now has Koreans thrown for yet another loop.

In the commercial, dark-skinned models whose abs represent the Chex Choco cereal dance to the lyrics…

… “Come back, come back to me. Don’t hesitate anymore.

Koreans can’t stop laughing at the seriousness of it all…

We’ll try harder for a sweeter world.

— Chex Choco

… and are unanimously applauding the marketing team for such an “eye-catching promotion.”

Watch the full commercial here:

Source: THEQOO