Han Ye Seul Bravely Attempts The “Green Onion Cereal” Challenge And Shares Her Honest Review

First it was Taeyeon, and now, it’s Han Ye Seul.

Han Ye Seul attempted the “Green Onion Cereal” challenge, and it’s gaining attention on the internet for her honest review.

Kellogg‘s in Korea recently launched a green onion cereal, and the uncommon flavor had the cereal go viral among netizens and even celebrities such as Taeyeon.

Han Ye Seul started off by comparing the scent of the cereal to a hamburger and then proceed to give it a taste.

Upon tasting the unique cereal, Han Ye Seul was surprised.

Because she disagreed with most of the reviews she had previously seen.

According to Han Ye Seul, many expressed their dislike of the flavor, but Han Ye Seul begs to differ.

I give it a pass. It’s actually really good.

— Han Ye Seul

She even elaborated with a more detailed description.

It’s like a biscuit. I feel like I can eat it comfortably while watching TV. It tastes just slightly like green onions.

— Han Ye Seul

And when she tasted it with milk, she was not disappointed.

This suits my taste. Maybe it’s because I’m hungry, but it’s delicious. I like that it tastes slightly salty.

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul then gave her final verdict by praising those who came up with the cereal.

Is it really that good?

Check out the full review below: