Kep1er Didn’t Just Cover Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” – Here’s The Popular Boy Group Song Fans Are Surprised They Heard

It was just the same sample used for both songs, but fans had great reactions.

In the most recent episode of Queendom 2, each of the competitors covered another competitor’s song, putting their own unique twist on the arrangement and performance.

WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) captivated fans with their dark take of GFRIEND‘s “Naviellera.”

VIVIZ gave a jaw-dropping performance of WJSN’s “Unnatural.”

Hyolyn gave an incredible performance of LOONA‘s “So What.”

LOONA stunned fans with their performance of Sistar‘s “Shake It.”

Brave Girl‘s performed their chic interpretation of Kep1er‘s “MVSK.”

And Kep1er did their refreshing, energetic take on Brave Girls’ “Rollin’.”

And while fans were captivated by Kep1er’s stage, praising everything from their vocals…

… To their rap…

… To their dance…

… And their professionalism, with Dayeon falling on stage but quickly and calmly recovering.

And other members also struggling with the slippery stage.

Fans were shocked when a brief second of Kep1er’s remix of “Rollin'” used the same sample sound as a familiar boy group’s recent song…

During a dance break in their performance, Kep1er’s remix included a familiar sound from Stray Kids‘ “VENOM.”

The same sound that helped fans realize that Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan had actually spoiled the song years before its recent release.

And while clearly, the sound was because both songs used the same sample…

The familiar sound really amused fans.

Some thought that their Spotify had suddenly started playing while watching the performance.

Other fans joked that they expected Kep1er’s performance to become a sudden collaboration with Stray Kids, the recent winners of Kingdom: Legendary War.

Or that Kep1er was actually going to show off their versatility by performing two covers.

And other fans joked that this was the Kep1er and Stray Kids crumbs that no one was expecting but are now grateful for.

But regardless, all of the stages from Queendom 2‘s latest episode were incredible, and Kep1er definitely brought their all to the performance.

You can watch Kep1er’s performance here.

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