Kep1er’s Yujin Gets Emotional After Listening To A Touching Fan Letter During A Fansign

The fan was praised for her kind words!

Last year, netizens spent weeks glued to their televisions to tune into Mnet‘s newest show Girls Planet 999. Contestants from Korea, China, and Japan all battled for a chance to debut in a new girl group. Amongst trainees and aspiring idols, fans were shocked to see Choi Yujin, known as a member of CLC, taking part.

Yujin in her promo shot for “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet 

Yet, she fought through adversity and critics throughout the competition and shone in every challenge set. As expected, she ranked high in every episode and eventually made it to the final debuting group, which is now known as Kep1er.

The members of Kep1er | @official_kep1er/ Twitter

Kep1er finally debuted this month and quickly stole the hearts of fans with their chemistry, talent, and visuals. Of course, those netizens who have supported Yujin throughout her career couldn’t be happier to see her as the leader of a new group, especially after many believed CLC wasn’t given a chance to truly shine.

Although they have just debuted, Kep1er has a strong fanbase, and the members have recently been able to interact with their fans through video calls.

The members of Kep1er after the fancall | @official_kep1er/ Twitter

In particular, one user on Twitter has gained attention after her video with Yujin.

User @stayujins was lucky enough to speak to the members for a fan call and shared a video of her chart with Yujin. They shared what happened during the chat in the tweet, and it was definitely heartwarming.

I read a long letter to Yujin thanking her for not giving up on her dream and that we’re always here for her and she was so close to crying i’m sorry baby.

In the video, Yujin listened intently as the fan shared their love for her, explaining how proud they were of everything Yujin had achieved despite the setbacks.

| @stayujins/ Twitter

After they finished reading the letter, Yujin rightly looked emotional, and it seemed as if she was going to cry because of the kind words said by the fan. She seemed surprised and kept thanking the fan, saying “Wow, really. Ah, thank you really.”

| @stayujins/ Twitter

Sometimes fan signs are the perfect opportunity to ask idols questions or to do certain things, yet fans couldn’t stop praising this netizen for using her time to make Yujin feel appreciated and praise her hard work. Many thanked @stayujins for using her time well and making Yujin know just how fans feel.

Considering just how hard Yujin has worked throughout her career and through all the hardships, it is refreshing to know that fans are using their time to share their gratitude. Yujin has worked so hard. Hopefully, Kep1er is her chance to really shine in a way that netizens have claimed CLC couldn’t under Cube Entertainment.

You can read more about Yujin’s time on Girls Planet 999 below.

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Source: @stayujins
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