KeyEast Entertainment Reportedly Refusing To Pay Actor Ji Soo’s Damage Compensation Fees

They don’t believe they’re responsible.

Chosun has recently reported that KeyEast Entertainment is refusing to pay the compensation fees in regards to the the damages that was caused by their actor, Ji Soo.

Actor Ji Soo | KeyEast Entertainment

Victory Contents, the production team that worked on River Where the Moon Rises, previously filed a lawsuit against Ji Soo and his agency after the actor was dropped from the series due to his school bullying allegations. Ji Soo was previously cast as the lead role in the K-Drama and the series was approximately 95% filmed when the actor was accused of committing school violence, sexually harassing, and bullying his former classmates.

Ji Soo in “River Where the Moon Rises” | KBS TV2

While Ji Soo personally apologized for his actions, he was dropped from the KBS 2TV K-Drama in the middle of its production, which lead to a stressful scramble on Victory Contents’ end. The actors, staff members, and the production team of River Where the Moon Rises suddenly found themselves without their main actor. They eventually recast Ji Soo’s role with actor Na In Woo, but it wasn’t before they experienced significant filming delays and financial damages.

Na In Woo replacing Ji Soo in “River Where the Moon Rises” | KBS TV2

As a result, Victory Contents filed a lawsuit against Ji Soo and KeyEast Entertainment in an effort to be compensated for the damages they endured. The production company sued Ji Soo’s label for ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.67 million USD) in financial damages, but according to Victory Contents, KeyEast Entertainment has not been cooperating and has failed to take responsibility for the damages they have caused.

| Asia Today

Victory Contents released a statement on May 26 revealing that KeyEast Entertainment has failed to make any reparations for the financial damages they have caused as the agency believes they are not responsible.

May 20, 2021 was the first date of our legal negotiations regarding the damages filed against KeyEast Entertainment. However, not a single KeyEast Entertainment official attended the meeting.

KeyEast Entertainment is claiming that, ‘Ji Soo’s departure from the series was made in a one-sided decision by Victory Contents and KBS. They failed to confirm the facts, but came to a conclusion on their own so we are not responsible for the breach of contract.’

— Victory Contents representative

| Hankyung

The River Where the Moon Rises production company further shared that KeyEast Entertainment’s failure to take responsibility is disrespectful to all the actors, directors, writers, and other staff members who worked on the series.

KeyEast Entertainment has been distorting Ji Soo’s school violence accusations. They have been falsifying the allegations to make it seem like the rumors are not true. The agency is committing another offense by failing to take responsibility for their actions. The actors, directors, writers, and all other staff members of the series became firsthand victims of Ji Soo’s school violence allegations.

KeyEast Entertainment has been promoting a new series with a production cost of ₩40.0 billion KRW (about $35.6 million USD) featuring Hallyu actress Lee Young Ae. However, we have not yet been paid a single cent for the damages they have been caused.

— Victory Contents representative

Ji Soo at the “River Where the Moon Rises” press conference.

In regards to Victory Contents’ allegations, KeyEast Entertainment released a short statement. They announced, “While we are apologetic for the press releases regarding a legal case, we will be waiting for the results that the court delivers.”

Source: Chosun
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