Actor Kim Bum Finally Finds His “Girlfriend”… But She Might Not Be Okay After This

He sees everything!

Actor Kim Bum recently went on an Instagram story spree, checking up on fans’ activity online. From online communities to Twitter, he made sure to repost things he saw on his story. He even disclosed that he searches for things about him in other languages!

| @k.kbeom/Instagram
  • @bbfoxnun: Scrolled what past 2 AM…? Twitter…? OMFG, Kim Bum… I hope “Chosun’s Gumiho” is the ONLY trending words he searched… Gosh darn, he’s TERRIFYING.
  • Kim Bum: Trending words? But I know how to look up tweets about me. Even the ones being hidden from me. I even search in Thai. Should I not…?

While some fans remained terrified of his online “stalking” prowess, others took the chance to shoot their shot. One fan got his attention with their powerful post title before melting into a romantic confession.

| @k.kbeom/Instagram
  • Post Title: Hey Kim Bum, are you watching?
  • Post: Your girlfriend is here. *smooch*

Kim Bum hilariously played along, acting like he found his girlfriend. But one particular comment in response to the post had him worried for his newfound “girlfriend’s” safety.

  • Kim Bum: You… So here you were.
  • Comment: Do you want to die?
  • Kim Bum: But will you be okay?

He might have been joking but we’re sure that the fan would lay down her life for him! Catch Kim Bum in The Tale of The Nine-Tailed: 1938!