Kim Hee Won Explains Why His Dating Scandal With Park Bo Young Didn’t Faze Him In The Slightest

He didn’t lose sleep over it.

In a recent interview for the upcoming film, Collateral, actor, Kim Hee Won sat down to speak in more detail about his dating scandal with actress, Park Bo Young, which took place in January of this year.

Regarding the dating scandal, Kim Hee Won expressed,

On the day the scandal came out, I wondered, ‘Why would anyone even think this?’ And since it wasn’t true, I just didn’t worry about it.

— Kim Hee Won

He also shared that it blew up more than he thought, but that he couldn’t explain himself either.

I wondered why it blew up so much, and I couldn’t even believe it. But I didn’t see a need to explain myself either.

— Kim Hee Won

He continued,

I couldn’t just say, ‘We’re just a close sunbae and hoobae.’ I just felt like it sounded fake. So I just decided to say it’s false. What can I do if people don’t believe me? It’s the truth.

— Kim Hee Won

Ahead of this clarification, Kim Hee Won also addressed the rumors on an episode of tvN‘s House On Wheels.

In January of this year, dating rumors came about between the two actors, who have a 19-year age gap, after they were spotted at a cafe together.

But Kim Hee Won’s stance remains unchanged even 9 months after the sudden scandal.

Source: Insight