“The Tables Have Turned Again” — Netizens React To Phone Conversation Between Kim Hieora And Her Alleged Victim

They feel that she must’ve done something at least, to warrant in-person apologies.

Actress Kim Hieora, famous for her role as the bully Lee Sa Ra in The Glory, was embroiled in bullying accusations. Kim Hieora was accused of being a bully. Victims claimed to have experienced monetary extortion and bullying by the actress. On the other hand, others have stepped up to defend the actress. Kim Hieora herself has firmly denied claims of bullying, admitting to only being a bystander as part of the group.

Kim Hieora in middle school.

The case is complicated, as many people are involved in it . Dispatch reported that “A” was the first person to provide a tip-off, followed by “B,” “C,” and “D.” Kim Hieora met up with these four together and apologized. “A” later told Dispatch that they did not wish for their tip-off to be published. Kim Hieora then approached “E,” “F,” and “G,” on her own, apologising to each and every one of them. Her last victim, released a phone conversation dated September 8, 2023, to Dispatch. More about the conversation can be read below.

Dispatch Reveals Recorded Phone Call Between Actress Kim Hieora And Alleged Bullying Victim

In the conversation, Kim Hieora repeatedly seeks out the victim for a meeting, and continues to apologize. She neither denies, nor properly acknowledges the victim’s claims. According to the victim (thereafter referred to as “V” for “victim”), Kim Hieora especially bullied her, both physically and verbally. Kim Hieora claims not to remember.

  • V: You were the one who hit me the most, I think. Is that right?
  • KH: [silence]
  • V: You called me after The Glory ended, right?
  • KH: That’s right.
  • V: Why did you call? Ora, be honest. If you wanted to truly apologize, you would’ve called me before The Glory. But I heard that someone gave Dispatch a tip-off about your school bullying after the show ended?
  • KH: Because [I was contacted about it], I called you up.
  • V: If that didn’t happen, you wouldn’t have called.
  • KH: I thought about you guys. Honestly, even before it happened…
  • V: Ora, I honestly only can see this as an excuse. Do you get what I mean?
  • KH: I can see why you’d think so.
  • V: Right? So what?
  • KH: I’m sorry.
  • V: So you admit to having hit me?
  • KH: I’m sorry. So sorry.
Kim Hieora in her youth.

Netizens were slightly wavered previously, when other students stepped up to defend the actress. Some claimed to have been befriended by her when they were outcasts. However, especially after the release of the phone conversation, many stand firm that her “kind acts” do not erase possibility of having abused others.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • “Let’s live kindly. You never know when it will come back to you.”
  • “She didn’t act [as a bully in The Glory], but it’s just what she originally went around doing.”
  • “But the problem here is that the alumni who stepped up to shield her using proof of their graduation albums and stuff, got their identities all revealed.”
  • “Ah… I was like no way, but seems like it’s truly The Glory. She should’ve contacted the victim before The Glory. If she wanted to appear on TV, she should’ve started with apologizing.”
  • “She hit someone and released such a. Statement? LOL. The world must be easy for her.”
  • “Rather than being a fan of her, it seems like people are fans of the drama, and so they are defending her because they don’t want to ruin the drama. It was quite ironic how the actors who starred as the bullies were getting more famous. Seems like it wasn’t just acting.”
  • “Gasp, guess it’s true about her bullying.”
  • “They beat down whoever commented “anyway, she’s still a delinquent,” but it seems like it was true. I did well to just stay silent and watch.”
  • “No but, if she approached A, B, C, D, E, F, G and even V to apologize in person, she must’ve clearly done something bad enough to warrant that. And 7 people at that? Wow…”

Kim Hieora and the victim in the call were said to be close in their first year of middle school. During their second year, things turned sour and the victim claims that Kim Hieora targeted her specially after that.

Source: Theqoo