Kim Hyun Joong Reportedly Saved An Unconscious Civilian’s Life At A Restaurant

He was just passing by when he noticed the commotion.

Former SS501 member and current actor, Kim Hyun Joong reportedly saved an unconscious civilian at a restaurant.

According to the report, a 47-year-old cook passed out at a Japanese restaurant in Jejudo, and as soon as a large thudding noise was heard, employees ran to his aid.

In the middle of the hectic situation, it was reported that a man also ran into the restaurant.

KBS News

The man checked the condition of the cook, freed his airway, massaged the cook’s chest and stomach, and asked the employees to deliver ice for an emergency procedure.

By the time the cook began breathing again, 911 arrived at the scene, and the man informed the medical professionals of the man’s condition.

When it was revealed that the man was Kim Hyun Joong, the news gained much attention online.

Kim Hyun Joong debuted in 2005 through SS501 and left the group in 2010. He has worked on his own music and acting career ever since.

Source: Dispatch