All Of Kim Jaejoong’s April Activities In Japan Cancelled Due To His COVID-19 Scandal

His Korean show is also in talks of cancelling.

After claiming he was hospitalized for COVID-19 as an April Fool’s joke, JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong has come under fire by both Japanese and Korean netizens and governments.

According to news reports, Kim Jae Joong has decided to cancel all of his Japanese schedules in April due to the backlash. The first cancellation came from his scheduled radio appearance on Furuya Masayuki no Pop☆A for April 1. The radio producers and he had a last minute meeting and decided to cancel his appearance.

Kim Jaejoong then decided to cancel the rest of his appearances in Japan. He was scheduled to appear on the Japanese music show, Music Station, tomorrow but cancelled at the last minute. He was also scheduled to appear on NHK’s The Covers on the 5th.

All of his plans for April in Japan has been cancelled after the backlash from his April Fool’s joke. However, his plans for May are still reportedly scheduled as planned.

As for his Korean schedules, one of his shows, titled Travel Buddies, claimed they may potentially cancel the last episode that was supposed to air this Saturday.

We are currently having internal discussions about the last episode that is scheduled to air this Saturday night at 6:30 pm on the LIFETIME TV channel.

— Travel Buddies

Source: Spotv and My Daily