Who Is Kim Ji Eun? Here’s Where K-Pop Fans Might Have Seen The “One Dollar Lawyer” Actress Before

The actress’s flawless visuals are truly idol-worthy!

In the world of K-Dramas, actors and actresses can see their fame and popularity grow overnight because of their appearance in a K-Drama. One actress who has always wowed netizens but has recently gained attention is Kim Ji Eun.

Actress Kim Ji Eun | @jk_ieun/Instagram

Kim Ji Eun first started working as an actress in 2016, having roles in web dramas and series. Yet, she has really gained attention after her role in One Dollar Lawyer, where she plays Baek Ma Ri.

Actress Kim Ji Eun in her latest K-Drama | @jk_ieun/Instagram

During the series, she wowed with her incredible acting and undeniable visuals.


She also gained attention after netizens believed that she resembles ITZY‘s Ryujin and actress Han So Hee. With their cat-like features, the three celebrities are true visuals.

| @jk_ieun/Instagram
Han So Hee (left) and ITZY’s Ryujin (right)

Aside from her visuals, her acting is no joke and for many fans watching her latest K-Drama, she might seem familiar, especially if you’re a K-Pop fan.

At the start of her career, Kim Ji Eun made some iconic cameos in some of the biggest idol music videos, including for the likes of 2PM and F.T Island.

2PM’s “Promise (I’ll Be)” music video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube
F.T Island’s “Love Sick” music video | 1theK/YouTube 

Although those were one-off music videos, Kim Ji Eun also showcased her immense talent and visuals in a special trilogy of music videos… from DAY6.

Back in 2017, DAY6 took fans on a journey through three of their songs in what has been named the “School Trilogy.” The songs “What Can I Do,” “I Loved You,” and “When You Love Someone” follow the story of the members trying to get through the hardships of being a teenager and falling in love.

Sungjin (left) and Wonpil (right) in the “School Trilogy”

In the music videos, there is a female lead seen throughout, and it’s none other than Kim Ji Eun.

Kim Ji Eun in the DAY6 trilogy | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Throughout the three music videos, Kim Ji Eun is the leading lady and is interacting with most of the members in some way. She starts off by showcasing her friendship with Jae

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

She then gets annoyed by Young K after school…

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Yet, she’s realized that Young K might not be as bad as she thinks because, despite his bad boy persona, he actually has a heart of gold.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

And as the love interest of leader Sungjin, she gets a confession from the group’s leader who realizes that she will never love him.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Of course, the world of K-Pop and K-Dramas are sometimes closer than expected. Yet, for many people who are falling in love with Kim Ji Eun for her acting, she started with music videos and managed to shine without even really saying any lines.

You can read more about Kim Ji Eun below.

The Korean Actress Gaining Attention For Her Uncanny Resemblance To Han So Hee And ITZY’s Ryujin

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