Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo Send Fans Into Mass Panic With Their Butterfly-Inducing Embrace

Can they please date already??

Our favorite Running Man couple is coming through with their fake romance! On the most recent episode of Outrun by Running Man, the cast of the variety program was in charge of creating a music video. Directed and produced by Haha, the Running Man cast members put on their acting hats for the shoot.

Kim Jong KookSong Ji HyoYang Se ChanJi Suk Jin, and Haha all took part in creating an amazingly hilarious music video for one of Kim Jong Kook’s old tracks, “My Heart Is Love.” And while the music video alone is filled with comedic and lovey moments, it was the behind-the-scenes clip of Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo that has taken over headlines.

The short 36 second clip starts off on an incredibly strong note, as the two on-screen lovebirds embrace in a hug well before the director says “action.”

Caption: “They hug on their own cue.”

While remaining in the hugging position, Song Ji Hyo begins to talk to Kim Jong Kook about food, which has been done times before. However, it was her aegyo-filled (cuteness) pouty way of speaking to her Running Man cast mate that melted everyone.

Song Ji Hyo: “In the middle of all this, I’m so hungry oppa.”
Kim Jong Kook: [Laughter]
Song Ji Hyo: “Looking at all the side dishes makes me want to eat!”

Their adorable conversation continued, as Kim Jong Kook jokingly expressed his concerns for Song Ji Hyo’s ongoing appetite.

Kim Jong Kook: “What are we going to do with you? This is serious.”
Song Ji Hyo: “But do you want to know something really important? I already ate two meals!”

Instead of laughing or poking fun, Kim Jong Kook received Song Ji Hyo’s sudden proclamation in a calm and respectful manner, which went on to be highly praised by netizens.

Kim Jong Kook: “Wow, daebak.”
Song Ji Hyo: “I woke up early in the morning to eat a meal and then I also ate kimbap!”
Kim Jong Kook: “What is going on?
Song Ji Hyo: “I think my appetite is going crazy these days.”

After viewing this love-filled clip, netizens began to pour out their support for the on-screen couple, with many of them wanting to know the age old question: “are they dating?!”

| theqoo
  • “No, but really can the two of them get married?…I’m serious. They look so good together and they seem like a good fit.”
  • “So you’re telling me they’re not dating?”
  • “??? They’re not dating? With that conversation they had??”
  • “Wow, I got butterflies for the first time. The forced love lines on ‘Running Man’ were not good.”
  • “They’re not dating??? Why????”
  • “If this is how friends act, then I have no friends..”

Our hearts cannot handle the level of cuteness! You can watch the lovey dovey moment between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo down below.

Source: theqoo

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