Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae In Planted A Tree Together, In A Show Of Solidarity

The “peace tree” was planted on the border of North and South Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae In and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have planted a tree together, as a symbol of peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.


To commemorate the historic peace treaty signed by both countries, the two leaders planted a pine tree near the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), the border that separates North and South Korea.


The pine tree originally sprouted in 1953, and it was specifically chosen to emphasize the year the armistice was signed to end the 1950-53 Korean War.


The shovels used during the ceremony had medal heads forged in the South, with wooden handles made in the North. Soil from South Korea’s Mt. Halla, and North Korea’s Mt. Baekdu, was spread over the tree’s roots.


President Moon Jae In poured water from North Korea’s Daedong river onto the soil, while North Korean leader Kim Jong Un used water from South Korea’s Han River.


Next to the tree, a stone plaque was placed bearing the names of the two leaders, as well as the phrase “Plant peace and prosperity.”


Once the ceremony was concluded, the two leaders strolled out toward a bridge near the MDL, and had a private conversation to celebrate the newfound peace between the two countries.


Check out a clip from the historic event below:

Source: MBC News, Asiae, Yonhap News and Aju Daily

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