Watch All The Highlights Of The Historical Meeting Between Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae In

History was made.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae In recently held a summit in South Korea, and history was made. Here are some highlights from the summit.

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Moon Jae In and Kim Jong Un shake hands at the border:


Kim Jong Un steps on South Korean soil for the first time:


Kim Jong Un brings Moon Jae In onto North Korean soil:


Elementary school students from Kaesong, North Korea gift Kim Jong Un with a bouquet of flowers:


The two leaders are ushered into the peace summit by a parade of men in traditional Korean attire:


Moon Jae In introduces Kim Jong Un to the South Korean officials:


Kim Jong Un introduces Moon Jae In to the North Korean officials:


Officials from both sides come together for a group photo:


Kim Jong Un signs in at the Peace House, as Moon Jae in watches along:


After a photo session, Moon Jae In describes the wall painting of Bukhansan to Kim Jong Un:


The two enter the conference room and exchange small talk before the conference begins:


Officials from both countries begin formal talks:


After talks, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In sit down to sign the Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula:


The two leaders officially sign the peace treaty, subsequently ending the war that has been waging in Korea for over 65 years:


In commemoration of the newly declared peace between the two countries, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In embrace:


Reports indicate that the two leaders shared a meal following the summit.

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Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In also planted a tree together by the border of the two Koreas as a symbol of a unified Korea.

Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae In Planted A Tree Together, In A Show Of Solidarity


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2018 Inter-Korean Summit