Thousands Of Reporters Flooded Korea To Catch Kim Jong Un In South Korea

Everyone had to get in on a piece of history.

Thanks to the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit, the entire world’s eyes are on Korea right now.

Thousands of reporters have flooded South Korea to report on this historic moment.


The MPC or Main Press Center can hold 3000 media personnel, and over 2,800 have registered to cover the historic event.

This is the first time foreign media has ever come to South Korea to cover an inter-Korean summit.


In total, there are 134 publications in attendance from 36 different countries.

In particular, 366 reporters and 25 publications from Japan alone have registered to use the press center for the summit between South Korean President Moon Jae In and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.


Following Japan, the United States sent the next largest group of journalists.

141 Americans from 28 publications have arrived in South Korea to cover the summit.  There is no doubt that the American public is very interested to see if this summit will influence the reality of a North Korea-US summit.


Due to the tense relationships and geographic nearness between North Korea, South Korea, and China — Chinese media are also particularly interested in the event.

21 Chinese news outlets have sent 81 people total, while Taiwan and Hong Kong sent 48 and 35 media personnel, respectively.


The press center was recorded bursting into applause when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed the border to shake hands with President Moon Jae In.

It certainly has been an exciting day for not just South and North Korea, but the entire world.

Source: Instiz

2018 Inter-Korean Summit