Actress Kim Jung Hwa Receives Backlash From Korean Christians For Portraying A Lesbian Character

Her husband says she goes “back to normal” at the end.

Actress Kim Jung Hwa has been receiving malicious comments for her most recent acting endeavor.

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Kim Jung Hwa has been busy with her current portrayal as Suzy Choi in the tvN series, Mine. The K-drama, which is centered around the lives of strong and wealthy women, is about finding their true identities in a prejudiced society. Kim Jung Hwa’s character, Suzy Choi is the former lover of one of the main female protagonists Jung Seo Hyun, who is played by actress Kim Seo Hyung.

While the LGBTQ friendly plot line may be exciting, the joy from including a marginalized group has been short-lived. After the most recent episode of Mine aired, Korean Christians began to flock to Kim Jung Hwa’s husband’s social media account to express their frustrations with the actress and her portrayal of a lesbian character. One netizen expressed her disappointment in the actress and her decision to take on a the role of Suzy Choi despite her “title” as a missionary’s wife.

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As a fellow missonary’s wife, I’m so so disappointed. I supported you and followed you, but to say that it’s just ‘acting’ is too much. Why did you have to take on a role that goes against God’s order of creation…I’m not trying to exclude the LGBTQ community. It’s just a disease that needs to be cured. To understand is one thing, but to justify is another.

Why do you think I watched a drama with such a big audience…it’s because we’re both missonary wives but it’s too bad…it specifically states in The Bible that homosexuality is forbidden. I hope that you take your role as a missionary’s wife more seriously before your role as an actress.

— Netizen

Kim Jung Hwa married her husband You Eun Sung, who is a contemporary Christian music composer and a missionary, back in 2013. They met after they both became Goodwill Ambassadors and worked together for the “Food for the Hungry” organization.

Due to You Eun Sung’s job title and Kim Jung Hwa’s “title” as his wife, many Korean Christian viewers of the K-Drama were not thrilled about her portrayal of a lesbian character, resulting in the backlash.

You Eun Sung (left), Kim Jung Hwa (right) | Christian Today

Another netizen commented on Kim Jung Hwa’s husband’s social media account, but involved her husband by asking him a question directly. The netizen wanted to know how he felt about his wife’s portrayal of a lesbian character.

| @youeunsung/Instagram

Netizen: “What do you think about Kim Jung Hwa’s drama ‘Mine’ and the role she is playing? Do you agree with it?”
You Eun Sung (Kim Jung Hwa’s husband): “Yes I do because acting is just acting.”
You Eun Sung (Kim Jung Hwa’s husband):“Also, this drama isn’t actually about homosexuality. After agonizing for some time, she returns back to normal at the end of the drama.”

Kim Jung Hwa (left) in “Mine” | tvN

The actress’s husband shared this back and forth with another netizen who also expressed their disappointment in Kim Jung Hwa’s character. It was during this conversation that You Eun Sung voiced his and his wife’s opposition against homosexuality.

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As the backlash against Kim Jung Hwa and her husband’s comments began to make headlines, other netizens who may not necessarily follow the Christian faith began to express their frustrations regarding the anti-LGBTQ comments.

| theqoo
  • “Isn’t this her first production in awhile as an actress? She’s not good at being a housewife and now they’re trolling.”
  • “Haha omg if they act like that, who is going to use her as an actress in the future?”
  • “What the…he shouldn’t have said anything. I’m no longer immersed in the K-Drama.”
  • “Wow you guys must be so proud that you’re a couple against homosexuality. Haha good luck trying to make ends meet with your faith.”
  • “Wow he just s*it on Kim Jung Hwa’s future. Amazing!”
  • “Normal? Hahaha seriously that religion must be crazy.”
  • “Wow, ‘Mine’ was having a positive response overseas, but that a**hole butt himself into the situation.”
  • “Seriously, those f*cking protestants are mentally ill.”
  • “I don’t want to see you anymore so stop coming out.”

Kim Jung Hwa, her husband, as well as her agency SALT Entertainment have not yet responded to the ongoing hate targeted towards the actress.

Source: theqoo and Image
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