Why “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun Was Missing From The Cast Reunion

We might see him again soon, though.

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Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2 concluded this week, and we saw three couples escape Inferno together, including our OTP Kim Se Jun and Lee So E.

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

After the finale, Netflix also released video of the cast watching the first eight episodes of Single’s Inferno 2.

Yet, there is only one castmate missing. Viewers noticed that fan-favorite contestant Se Jun was missing, and his presence was greatly missed, especially among the cast.

Se Jun was clearly the favorite among his co-stars, too, due to his unexpected humor. Even though he was not there, he was frequently mentioned.

Most of all, he was missed by So E, naturally, since it appears they are still in a relationship.

So, where exactly was Se Jun during all this?

As you know, Se Jun works at the tailor shop Ascottage, owned by former contestant Oh Jin Taek, who is the CEO and style advisor.

Ascottage actually expanded its business to Singapore. Last year, they had a trunk show.

So, it’s suspected that he was in Singapore at the time of the filming.

Ascottage is going to Singapore for its second trunk show now. Interestingly, it appears that Se Jun is not with them this time.

So, we might get more Netflix content, but this time with Se Jun.

Oh Jin Taek’s cat Oly did a Q&A for Se Jun and told fans that he was simply “too lazy” to attend.

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