Kim Sejeong Performs “Flower Road” At Her First Solo Fan Meeting, Leaving Everyone Emotional

The cheerful idol couldn’t help but tear up.

The recent Netflix K-Drama Business Proposal took the world by storm as fans fell in love with the characters and their adorable interactions.

Based on a Webtoon, Business Proposal follows the love story of chaebol Kang Te Mu (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) and his employee, Shin Ha Ri (played by Kim Sejeong, also known as Kim Se Jeong), after the two end up on a blind date.

Business Proposal poster | Netflix

Fans loved everything from the different, equally adorable couples, the variation between funny and steamy scenes, and the actors’ natural chemistry.

Many fans of the K-Drama really were impressed by Kim Sejeong’s acting and her genuinely bright, cheerful disposition.

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

And while fans are eagerly waiting for Kim Sejeong’s next main role in Today’s Webtoon, Kim Sejeong keeps giving fans new content in the way of a stunning photoshoot and her first solo fan meeting.

Previously, Kim Sejeong held fan meetings both as a member of Gugudan and I.O.I.



Now she focuses on balancing acting and being a soloist, with her most recent mini album, I’m, released in March of 2021.

And certainly, Kim Sejeong showcased all of her talents as an idol in her first fan meeting.

She was absolutely stunning in a princess-like dress.

And fans couldn’t get enough of her adorable smile.

She astonished fans with her performance of “Love, Maybe,” the acoustic version, which was a bonus track on Business Proposal‘s OST.

Along with a song from the musical she started in, Red Book.

And, of course, she sang some of her solo songs, including her most recent title track, “Warning.”

But perhaps, most meaningfully, Kim Sejeong started the fan meeting by singing the iconic song “Flower Road” (also known as “Flower Way”).

Kim Sejeong made her debut as a solo artist with “Flower Road,” which was released in November 2016 as part of Jellyfish Entertainment‘s music channel project Jelly Box.

The song, composed by Zico, expresses both regret towards and appreciation for a mother. And the song ultimately promises to help secure a better future for the mother.

| @clean_0828/Instagram

The song was incredibly meaningful to Kim Sejeong, who has often voiced her gratitude to her mother for raising her family through difficult times, encouraging Kim Sejeong to pursue her idol dreams despite poverty.

And so, quite understandably, Kim Sejeong was emotional about not only performing such a meaningful song once again but being able to perform in front of the fans she had not been able to see in person for a long time.

She teared up immediately following the intro performance while welcoming fans to the fan meeting and expressing her gratitude about being able to meet in person.

Kim Sejeong’s first fan meeting was certainly emotional for both the artist and fans alike, and fans are eagerly waiting to watch and see how she will next succeed.

Kim Sejeong