Fans Ask Kim Sejeong Why She’s Never Posted To Weverse… And Her Answer Surprises Everyone

It explains a lot.

Talented soloist and actress Kim Sejeong (also stylized as Kim Se Jeong) is one of the many K-Pop artists using Weverse to communicate with fans after V LIVE closed.

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

Although K-Pop fans initially had some issues with the platform, which mostly revolved around subtitles and translations, both fans and artists have gradually adapted to the platform.

In her recent Weverse live broadcast, Sejeong chatted with fans.

And enjoyed some music.

The artist also addressed why she has not uploaded any posts to Weverse.

Many K-Pop artists use Weverse to upload pictures for their fans as well as hold live broadcasts. Idols even can respond to fans’ comments in the Weverse community, doing everything from sharing teasing spoilers to playfully flirting with fans.

BTS V‘s Weverse post to fans

But since Sejeong had never uploaded anything, fans were curious. Certainly, the idol updates her Instagram regularly, even having recently deleted one viral post with her and Business Proposal costar Ahn Hyo Seop.

But apparently, the idol would have also been uploading content to Weverse for fans all along… If she had known that it was possible. During the live broadcast, Sejeong voiced her shock as fans in the chat told her she could upload pictures and other content to the app.

And fans couldn’t help but feel endeared by her genuinely shocked reaction.

| @cleanjelly/Twitter

But Sejeong’s response made sense to fans who had been eagerly anticipating any sort of update, even if it was unexpected.

Now that Sejeong is aware, fans can look forward to what content she will upload in the future.

Source: Weverse

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