5+ Times BTS Got Flirty With ARMY On Weverse

They replied to some very lucky ARMY.

BTS love going on Weverse to connect with their fans, talking about everything from spoilers, to jokes, to even flirting with the occasional lucky ARMY.

Here are seven times BTS got a little flirty on Weverse.

1. When J-Hope made ARMYs’ hearts flutter with emojis

After J-Hope released his concept photos for Jack in the Box, ARMY were in awe of his handsome visuals and didn’t hesitate to fawn over the idol on Weverse. To which the idol had the perfect flirty response, emojis and all.

| Weverse

ARMY: J-Hope, you’re so hot.

J-Hope: how much 😍😘

2. When one lucky ARMY was a recipient of Jin’s kiss

The lucky ARMY shared a gif of Jin blowing a kiss to fans, joking that the fans who saw it on Weverse might not be okay because it’s so heart-fluttering.

| Weverse

ARMY: A kiss that kills many people. Are you okay after getting this kiss? Hahahahaha

Hopefully the ARMY survived after Jin responded with a kiss just for them.

| Weverse

Jin: Mwah~

3. When V flirted in English

V took to Weverse to try and share his appreciation for international ARMY, who sometimes struggle with understanding Weverse posts if the auto-translator makes a mistake.

| Weverse

When one ARMY used the auto-translator to give a song recommendation for V…

| Weverse

ARMY: Taehyung likes old songs, and he also likes Italia. I think this song’s a nice one for him, and I think he would like it.

V responded in English, and while he didn’t necessarily intend to sound flirty, his words definitely sent ARMY into a panic.

| Weverse

4. When J-Hope shocked everyone with his Squid Game reference

One ARMY asked J-Hope on Weverse if he had seen the incredibly popular K-Drama Squid Game.

| Weverse

ARMY: Oppa, have you seen Squid Game yet?

J-Hope’s flirty reply confirmed that he had seen the K-Drama.

| Weverse

J-Hope: Would you like to play a game of ddakji with me? 😏

With the combination of the iconic scene the idol referenced and his emoji choice, ARMY were understandably flustered by his flirting.

5. When RM shamelessly expressed his love for ARMY

On Weverse, a fan had asked RM if he planned on watching the shooting stars that would appear that night. RM took his opportunity to flirt with fans, suggesting that their comments “are shooting stars” before immediately becoming embarrassed by his own line.

| Weverse

RM: To me, the comments you all send are shooting stars..💫

RM: Hmm this isn’t it

But even though he may have thought his flirting was cheesy, RM continued to flirt by sharing what he would wish for if he did see a shooting star.

| Weverse

RM: 1. Meeting ARMY 2. The same as above

6. When J-Hope “trapped” an ARMY

J-Hope posted on Weverse to tell ARMY that he had missed them.

| Weverse

J-Hope: I miss you, ARMY 💜

To which ARMY, of course, replied that they also missed him. One ARMY also added their love of the picture he’d shared, joking that they were “trapped by [him].”

| Weverse

ARMY: I miss you too, J-Hope! But what is this picture? Is it supposed to look like I’m being sucked into this picture?

+ Oop……….. Yes, I’m definitely trapped by you! 😘❤️

J-Hope played along with their flirting, admitting to trapping them.

| Weverse

J-Hope: Trapping you with this picture like… 🥰

7. When V taught ARMY the “push and pull” technique

Some ARMY tried to flirt with V on Weverse, to which the idol replied with some entertaining deflections.

| Weverse

Fan: Taehyung oppa i love you chu

V: Defense

And V even called one fan out for claiming they loved his latest OST before it was released.

| Weverse

Fan: Wow I love it even before I heard it??!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

V: Yeah no

The idol didn’t even relent when one ARMY asked him for a heart-fluttering message to sleep well.

| Weverse

Fan: Taehyung tell me something heart-fluttering so I can sleep well…💜

V: Yeah I don’t have any~

But then the idol changed tactics, replying with some heart-fluttering responses to lucky ARMY.

| Weverse

Fan: I hope Taehyung read my message too☺️ I don’t need a response, I wake up everyday to Taehyung’s “Winter Bear” and “4 o’ Clock” to start my day💜 I love his voice that’s full of warmth and emotions, my mornings always start off so well. Only our BTS can make me feel so happy in just one second

V: I hope a read sign pops up

Replying with lines belonging in a K-Drama.

| Weverse

Fan: Ho mo ho mo What are you doing, Taetae oppa?

V: Why.. Why am I shaking what is this it’s not even that special but what is this

BTS have definitely mastered the art of making ARMYs’ hearts flutter on Weverse.