Kim Tae Hee Reveals How Rain Proposed To Her

In an exclusive interview with Sports Seoul, Kim Tae Hee talked about the reasons behind their simple and private wedding, how Rain proposed, and what their current living situation is like.

Kim Tae Hee and Rain married earlier this year in January and recently returned from their honeymoon in Bali. Although the couple has been heavily talked about in the media, they tend to keep to themselves. Now, Kim Tae Hee has shared a rare glimpse on what her newlywed life is like.

In regards to the couple’s small-scale wedding, Kim Tae Hee explained that they had narrowed their plans in announcing their wedding down to just two ideas:

“We discussed many ideas on how to announce our wedding since last year. There were two plans. We could announce it to the media and invite everyone that we knew to a large-scale wedding, or we could hold a top secret wedding and reveal the photos afterwards. When we thought about it, the economy was suffering, so we didn’t want to hold a luxurious wedding given the current state of affairs. We finally made a decision after much contemplation.”

– Kim Tae Hee

As for her wedding dress, Kim Tae Hee opted to wear a mini dress that she had designed herself instead of wearing a designer one. According to her make-up artist Jeong Saem Mul, “Her dress shone so brightly, even though there wasn’t a single diamond or jewel embedded in it.”

When asked how Rain had proposed to her, Kim Tae Hee bashfully smiled and revealed that she had received a gentle and moving proposal on the day of the wedding.

“I was proposed to on the day of my wedding. At the banquet reception, [Rain] sang ‘The Best Present’ for me. That was his proposal.”

– Kim Tae Hee

As of now, Kim Tae Hee and Rain are living with Rain’s father’s family, just until they are able to purchase their newlywed home. Kim Tae Hee then revealed some information about how her daily life has changed ever since she got married, to which she explained that it was quite ordinary, and that she lived much like the average housewife in Korea. Every morning, she wakes up and eats breakfast with the family, and then they all attend to their own matters.

She did however express she wanted to be careful in revealing that she lived with her in-laws, due to the negative perception that is prevalent in South Korea.

“Some of the things I’ve revealed have often been misinterpreted. Since we’re living with my father-in-law’s family, I’m cautious in revealing this information because people might ask me, ‘Aren’t you suffering by living with your in-laws?’ But my father-in-law is a very generous man. We are planning to stay at their home until we can find our own newlywed home. I like it.”

– Kim Tae Hee

She also revealed that she has cooked for the family once, and that she was practicing to improve her cooking. She did not comment on whether it tasted well and instead smiled shyly.

“My in-laws have long been eating toast for breakfast, so I don’t really need to prepare anything for them. I’m still learning, but I have cooked a meal for them. I made a jjim (steamed dish) by adding pork and cabbage. It’s up to your imagination on how it would have tasted.”

– Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee went on to reassure her fans and supporters that she would make sure they are informed of any good news regarding the couple in the future.

Source: Sports Seoul

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