Here’s Why Kim Yohan Has Been Wearing The Same Bag For 10 Months Straight

Kim Yohan finally confessed why he’s been wearing the same bag for 10 months.

Kim Yohan recently held a live broadcast with fans in commemoration of the release of his first album where the mystery behind his 10-month bag was finally solved.

Idol Issue

During the broadcast, one fan asked Kim Yohan why he wears the same bag every day.

Idol Issue

Whenever Kim Yohan had a day off from work, he was seen wearing a black crossbody bag.

But what stood out to fans was the fact that he had been wearing the same bag for 10 months straight.

There’s no doubt that the bag looks great on him.

Idol Issue

But it’s not every day that a celebrity is seen carrying only one bag during the span of almost a year.

So a fan asked, and Kim Yohan gave a very relatable reason for why he never switched out to a different bag.

Because I don’t want to be bothered moving all my stuff to another bag.

— Kim Yohan

Kim Yohan, who is known to have no interest in fashion to the point of never going shopping, wore the same bag for 10 months because he didn’t want to be bothered moving his items to another bag.

And fans are loving his relatable reason.

  • That’s hilarious.
  • The mystery has been solved.
  • I feel closer to him all of a sudden.
  • We have something in common.


Source: Insight and Idol Issue