Kim Yohan Opens Up About X1 And Lee Dong Wook’s Advice On His Upcoming Acting Debut

He reached out to Lee Dong Wook about his concerns.

Kim Yohan recently sat down for an interview with @Star1 Magazine as he was chosen as the cover model for their March 2020 issue.

During the interview, Kim Yohan opened up honestly about life after PRODUCE X 101, his official debut with X1, and his upcoming acting debut.

When asked to choose the turning point in his life, he chose all of 2019. He explained that he was deeply concerned about giving up his life as an athlete to completely switch to becoming an idol.

But through PRODUCE X 101, he was able to receive a tremendous amount of love – enough to debut as the center of X1 – and it all feels like a miracle to him.

I was very worried after completely switching my path from a Taekwondo athlete to becoming an idol trainee. But I appeared on PRODUCE X 101 and received a lot of love.

It feels like a miracle.

— Kim Yohan

Although he’s one of the most popular idols today, he’s still surprised whenever someone recognizes him on the streets. He explained, “I’m trying to get used to the new lifestyle that changed since since my debut.

Although he’s putting down his idol career for now, he’s excited yet nervous about his upcoming acting debut with School 2020. He’s set to play the role of a student who is also a famous Taekwondo athlete.

My biggest concern about [my acting debut] is how I’m so similar to the character that I play.

— Kim Yohan

He revealed that he’s reached out to Lee Dong Wook for some advice on his acting debut. Thanks to his calming advice, Kim Yohan feels more secure and confident about his role.

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Yohan first met when the former became the official MC for PRODUCE X 101. It appears that the two are continuing their friendship as they’ve become colleagues in the same field!

Kim Yohan’s full interview is scheduled to drop with @Star1’s March issue, and his acting debut will officially begin filming in March and air sometime in August.

Source: Sports Chosun