Former X1’s Kim Yohan To Potentially Star In Drama Remake Of “A Love So Beautiful” – Here Are Netizens’ Reactions

Do you agree with the casting?

A Love So Beautiful is a highly popular Chinese web drama starring Shen Yue and Hu Yi Tian, centering around the love story between two high schoolers that blossoms into their adulthood. The pure and simple storyline won the hearts of many, including Korean viewers, as it was announced on the 1st of July that it would be remade into a Korean version.

On the 2nd of July 2020, drama representatives finally announced their potential lineup, starring former X1‘s Kim Yohan and rookie actress, So Ju Yeon. The lineup comes highly anticipated for Kim Yohan’s fans especially who have been waiting for him to be active once again in the entertainment industry following the unfortunate disbandment of X1. Previously, it was teased that he would be getting a lead role in the School franchise, but ultimately the drama fell through.

It has been reported that So Ju Yeon, who is up for the role of Chen Xiao Xi, is considering the offer positively. She has previously starred in Dr. Romantic 2. On the other hand, Kim Yohan is reviewing the script and is in the midst of discussions with the drama representatives.

Meanwhile, Korean netizens are buzzing about the potential casting already, with some expressing their disappointment.

A Love So Beautiful‘s Korean remake will be aired by Kakao M as a twenty-minute-per-episode short web-series. The original series is available on Netflix in selected countries, for those that are curious about the plot!

Source: Sports DongA and instiz