“Did He Kiss Her Wrist?!” – SEVENTEEN’s Viral Fansign Clips Have Fans Going Feral

“cancel the f*cking fansigns…”

Several clips of SEVENTEEN‘s recent fansign event have gone viral.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Recently, SEVENTEEN were one of several K-Pop groups to head to China for the 2023 Tencent Music Entertainment Awards (TMEAs). At the two-day event, the group joined other idols like LE SSERAFIM, TREASURE, and WayV.

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They impressed on stage with their performances…

…and caught attention for their activities in their downtime, like Woozi and Mingyu showing off their impressive physiques.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Woozi Send Netizens Into Meltdown With Their Hot AF Physiques In New Pool Photos

SEVENTEEN also held an in-person fan sign event in Guangzhou, China, where they could get up close and personal with local fans. The event was filled with cute moments that left fans online feeling envious of the lucky attendees, like this adorable moment with Jeonghan.

Another clip that has attracted attention is of The8, who rubbed a fan’s wrist for a long time to transfer the smell of his perfume. As you can imagine, this clip inspired some strong feelings in fans.

But the clip that seems to have affected fans the most is one of S.Coups. In the video, SEVENTEEN’s leader can be seen sitting with a fan who extends her wrist.

S.Coups then holds her wrist, leaning close to smell her perfume with the angle, making it look like he’s kissing it.

This one pushed fans to another territory of wild comments, with some even begging for the chance to do the same! Others jokingly warned their other favorite idols not to “even think about it.