Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Fired From Hair Salon, Netizens Submit Blue House Petition Against Him

Her ex-boyfriend is officially jobless but netizens want more.

Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend, who was involved in Koo Hara’s assault scandal, has reportedly been fired from his post at the hair salon he worked at.


The salon released an announcement through their official Instagram account, stating that the hairdresser is no longer employed at the salon and that they are not related in any way to his scandal.

“This is Salon Hearts.
Team Leader 000 has been fired from our salon and has not worked a single day at our salon since the incident.
Our salon is not related in any way to the incident and as such, we ask that you refrain from false rumors or negative comments.”


Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend has been in the spotlight for accusing Koo Hara of assault. He claimed that he was the victim of a one-sided assault by Koo Hara while Koo Hara claimed the assault was committed by both sides.


Koo Hara has since revealed that she was threatened by the hairdresser with a sex tape and has sued her ex-boyfriend for blackmail and sexual assault crimes on September 27th.

Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Reportedly Threatened Her With Sex Tape


Meanwhile, netizens have been submitting petitions against the man, stating that they must get to the root of these so-called “revenge pornography crimes” by further punishing Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend to prevent these types of crimes from occurring in the future.

There are currently 5 Blue House petitions in regard to this matter with nearly 1000 supporters as of October 4th.

Goo Hara vs. Ex-Boyfriend's Assault Case