South Korea’s Fortune 500 CEOs Select BTS As Korea’s Top Personality

Korea’s CEOs chose them as the best.

South Korea’s Fortune 500 CEOs have selected BTS as Korea’s most shining personality in their latest survey.

| Big Hit Entertainment

In a survey completed by 91 CEOs from South Korea’s Fortune 500 companies, BTS was selected as Korea’s most shining personality, receiving 45.7 percent of the total votes.

Second place went to Tottenham Hotspurs‘ striker Son Heung Min, who received 34.8 percent of the votes, and third place went to KCDC Commissioner Jeong Eun Kyeong, who has been at the forefront of Korea’s coronavirus response.

BTS recently completed their successful performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards, and while they were unable to claim the trophy, they have captured the hearts of ARMY around the world for their humble response to the decision, and dedication to further improving themselves.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang