Popular Korean Influencer Receives Flak For “Over-Editing” Her Photos After Getting Caught In A Live Video

Did she over-edit or take advantage of her angles?

Ohttomom is a Korean influencer and an online shopping mall CEO that has amassed immense popularity for her beauty and perfect body proportions. Her Instagram account has over 950,000 followers, proving her impressive influencer status. She frequently uploads photos of her lifestyle, which includes outfit, workout, eating, and selfie pictures.

Influencer Ohttomom | @ohttomom/Instagram

And while she has garnered incredible success with her online shopping mall, as well as her influencing ways, the social media influencer has recently been caught and called out by her followers for her alleged “lies.”

Photos of Ohttomom’s “real” body began circulating online after the influencer participated in an Instagram live. The online shopping mall CEO usually posts body photos that look like this….

| @ohttomom/Instagram

Or like this…

| @ohttomom/Instagram

But according to her followers who tuned into her Instagram live, her “real” body looked like this…

Ohttomom’s Instagram live | @ohttomom/Instagram

Korean netizens on different online communities were quick to compare and contrast the photos, as they commented on the differences. Comments, such as “her top half and bottom half are the same height”“I realized how much she edits through her live” and “everything makes sense now” began to take over her posts.

Ohttomom’s alleged use of editing (left) versus her “real” self in her live broadcast (right).

What do y’all think? Do you think Ohttomom overly edited her photos or did she maximize her angles and the use of some killer heels?

Source: WikiTree
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