Korean Netizens Are Praising Their National Team Coach Paolo Bento For Receiving A Red Card — Here’s What Happened

“I want to become a cool adult like him.”

Netizens are praising the Korean National Team coach Paolo Bento for his sportsmanship during his explosive response to the abrupt end of Korea’s match against Ghana.

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On November 28, Korea’s National Football Team took on Ghana at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Due to Ghana’s great form against Portugal in their 2-3 loss, many fans were anticipating the game to be a tough match.

As many Korean fans feared, the game saw Ghana take an early 2-0 lead into the half. The Korean National Team, however, clawed back from the deficit and eventually tied the game at 2-2 thanks to a pair of headers by Cho Gue Sung.

The game would not stay tied for long as Mohammed Kudus scored the second of his two goals in minute 68.

Korea pressured Ghana for the remainder of the match but failed to score, eventually losing 2-3. Ghana’s win would not be without controversy, however, as referee Anthony Taylor blew the whistle signaling the match’s end before Korea was able to take a final corner kick.

The Korean players were incensed that the referee wouldn’t allow them to take the corner kick. None, however, was more upset at the decision than Korea’s coach Paolo Bento.

The coach lambasted the referee, yelling inches from his face. The demonstrative appeal earned the coach a red card. Despite this, Paolo Bento did not forget to show true sportsmanship by congratulating Ghana’s coach and his staff for a hard-fought victory.

Bento looks so cool appealing to ref, and the fact that he has manners (to the opposing team) makes him even cooler.

— @heumchit0708/Twitter

Netizens praised coach Bento’s fury and passion without compromising his sportsmanship and manners toward the opponents.

  • “He’s so cool.”
  • “He’s a real adult.”
  • “He’s the example of not letting your mood become your personality.”
  • “I don’t care. I’m going to root for Bento until the end. You should never take your mood out on others.”
  • “I want to become a cool adult like him. He’s so cool.”
  • “Watching him, I’ve realized what it means to be in control of your emotions. He’s so cool, as it must not have been easy.”



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