Korean Netizens React To The Final Debut Line-Up For “Boys Planet” ZEROBASEONE

The 5th generation boy group, everyone!

Boys Planet has just ended its run and announced its final debut line-up for the new boy group, ZEROBASEONE (ZB1). The team will debut with…

Han Yujin

Kim Jiwoong

…and Kim Gyuvin.

They will be joined by Kim Taerae

Park Gunwook

…and Ricky.

The top three rankings will also join the team, helmed by Seok Matthew

Sung Hanbin

…and top-runner Zhang Hao.

Although fans are saddened to see the rest of the trainees go, the debut team’s synergy is unmatched! Many netizens feel this is one of the best combinations that could have come out of the group.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Gunwook, congrats on your debut!
  • Wow, there are only two people in their teens.
  • The combination is good? Are you guys for real?
  • Yujin, congratualtions.
  • They f*cking picked the debut team well.
  • If Seok Matthew debuts, he’ll gain so much popularity.
  • What’s up with the name… Building 1st place from the ground up?
  • All of their visuals are good LOL

Most viewers love the line-up combination!

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The combination is really good.
  • This combination is so epic that it makes me wonder if there was ever another program that managed to pick such a good debut team. It’s really legendary, but why is the first place like that… Anyway, hwaiting.
  • Oh, but they really picked the debut line-up well.
  • Jiwoong, congratulations.
  • The combination is f*cking good LOL and there’s no chance of it having been rigged.
  • The combination is legendary.

Most of the group are all-rounders and have already proven their talent and visuals. Congratulations to the debut team for ZEROBASEONE!

Source: theqoo

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