Korean Streamer Exposes Male Idol For Harassing Her With Wooing DMs Then Getting Upset After Being Turned Down

The idol has since revealed himself in the comments under the tell-all video.

In a video titled “I Eventually Gave You A Refund, So Please Stop Doing This” posted to her YouTube channel HARUTV, a South Korean streamer exposed a “well-known male idol” for “harassing” her in a series of Instagram DMs. “BJ Haru,” who has seen a rise in popularity for inventing the “Kokain Dance” trend which went viral, is a streamer on AfreecaTV and YouTube.

BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Haru | @bj._.haru/Instagram

Haru claimed that the idol first approached her in February. According to the streamer, the idol asked if she “had any interest in doing business with him.” 

When he first got in touch with me, he talked business. He said he’s in the entertainment business. And he used to be a well-known idol. So I obviously recognized him right away. And I assumed he’s now doing entertainment industry-related business.

— Haru

Not looking for an entertainment agency to represent her, Haru turned down “to meet up and talk about the opportunity” and stopped responding.

Idol: I’m reaching out to you about a casting opportunity. Do you have a manager or an agency that represents you to discuss this?

Idol: Oh, I apologize. I should’ve introduced myself first. I’m [blurred], in the entertainment business.

[Blurred messages]

Haru: Hi, what kind of casting is this regarding?

Idol: Yes, hi.

Idol: I’m inquiring about the hot dance video that has gone viral on the streaming platforms.

Idol: May I ask if you’re under management at all?

Idol: What I want to pursue is giving you a track.

Idol: Also, riding out the trend, I would like to help you copyright the Kokain dance.

Idol: I’m running a big entertainment agency that handles everything from directing to producing.

Haru: I’m not represented. Are you offering to sign me under your management?

When Haru stopped responding, the idol tried to get back in touch with her through another streamer. Haru claimed she chose to respond at this point because she “feared that potential rumors and speculations might come from having the other streamer involved.”

| HARUTV/YouTube

Hi, Haru. I’m BJ [blurred name]. I’m reaching out to you because I have a friend who really wants to work with you. I don’t mean to bother you, but I thought I’d try messaging you anyway. [blurred name]’s member [blurred name] is running a big entertainment management business and he’s interested in having you record a song. I can connect you two, if you’re interested. Maybe you can hear him out. I look forward to your response. Thanks.

— Message from a fellow streamer

So, according to the streamer, she hopped on a phone call with the idol to clarify once again that she, as previously explained, “was not interested in being represented by an agency or becoming a celebrity of any sort.”

I ended up hopping on a call with [the idol]. He asked if I could hear him out over the phone, so I said yes and gave him my number. He called me immediately. We talked on the phone for an hour and 35 minutes. I recorded that entire conversation. I recorded the call just in case. Anyway, we talked business at first. He then told me that he’s actually a fan of mine. He said he would like to see me on Netflix. He would like to appear on Heart Signal together. He asked me what I want, offered to buy out AfreecaTV for me.

And let me be honest. I was excited at first because I’ve never spoken to a celebrity on the phone before. So he had me in the beginning of that conversation. But as the call continued, it became uncomfortable. Eventually, I told him like it is. I clarified again that I’m not interested in being represented. I’m not interested in collaborations. I’m not interested in becoming a celebrity or anything. I said I’m happy doing my own broadcasts. Then, when I turned down the business offer, he said that he’s still my fan and he wants to meet up in person.

— Haru

Regardless, the idol continued to contact Haru. In the screenshots of the DMs and KakaoTalk messages which Haru shared in the video, the idol is incessant in his pursuit of the streamer’s time and attention.

Idol: Please, give me a chance. Even 1% chance works, because I can put in the 99% of effort.

Idol: I promise you I can love and cherish you better than anyone else in this world. Please, let me.

Idol: You’re totally my type. I love your face, your voice, your drinking habits, your laugh, and even the shape of your teeth. You’re adorable.

Idol: I’m telling you how I feel about you right now because I’m afraid it’s now or never.

Haru: I thought about it but I’m not comfortable with this at all. I’m not in a place right now to try anything new or see anyone… I didn’t know how to turn you down because you’re a celebrity. But thank you for supporting me. I’ll root for your business, too. I’m so sorry.

Idol: Please, all I need is 1% of opportunity.

Idol: I’m going to be really sad if it’s over between us before you even give me a chance.

Idol: I’ll wait for your response.

Eventually, discouraged by the streamer’s unresponsiveness, the idol began watching the broadcasts and sending her money (through AfreecaTV’s “Star Balloon” gifting system).

At one point, [the idol] lost his cellphone and so he went back to DMing me on Instagram. It wasn’t every single day but he messaged me regularly. I didn’t respond to any of his messages, as you can see. I want to make it super clear that I did not lead him on in any way… That’s when he started coming to watch my broadcasts.

— Haru

Haru claimed that, while at first she did not realize he was watching, it soon became obvious because of his “idol group nickname” and “straightforward requests to put the idol group name on her face.”

At first, I didn’t know it was him. But over time, I had a feeling he’s watching. It bothered me but I didn’t have proof so I didn’t really look into it. I became fully aware of him when he changed his ID [after winning the draw for a chance to put his ID on my name].

He changed it to the abbreviation of his idol group name. I wrote it on my cheek. He  then requested that I write it in English. So I asked him how I would write it in English. He said the [English version of] his idol group’s name. Doesn’t that make it pretty obvious that it’s him? So I realized he has been watching.

— Haru

Feeling “uncomfortable” by the idol’s behavior—especially disregarding the fact she has already said no to his business proposal and personal pursuit—Haru messaged him and offered a full refund (minus the transaction fee).

Haru: You sent me star balloons today, right? I thought I was clear with you. I didn’t know for sure if you were watching or not and I didn’t want to make any assumptions. So I didn’t say anything. But, like I’ve told you before, I’m not interested in you. I’m not going to complete any of your requests, even if you send the star balloons. So please stop sending me any. What you’ve sent so far, I’m going to refund minus the transaction fee. Please leave me your bank information. And please do not pull this on me ever again.

Idol: I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have revealed myself like that and I shouldn’t have made a scene. I got too excited about winning the draw… I apologize. [Blurred name], I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.

Idol: I won’t ever do that again. I won’t make you uncomfortable during your streams. Please trust me.

Idol: [Screenshot of the idol group name on her cheek]

Haru claimed, at this point, the idol “got upset with her” and accused her of being pretentious.

Idol: I started watching you on AfreecaTV because you stopped responding to me. But all I wanted was to grab one meal with you. And I found out that you offer a dinner date as a draw prize on your broadcasts. I wanted to win that opportunity, so I started watching you. I’ve told you from the beginning, though. All I ever wanted was a single meal.

Idol: I even took out loans so I could enter the draw to win a dinner date with you. But you’re so offended and uncomfortable with me for no reason… Fine. Listen. I thought you’re a sentimental woman. But you must have copied those quotes on your [social media] feed from someone else. Because you’re not as nice as those [posts] led me to believe. That’s not who you are.

Idol: Do you even know why I kept sending you the star balloons and requesting you to sing for me? Twice? I wanted to hear your voice in more detail. I wanted to hear your vocal range. You’re not even my type. I don’t like your face, your body, your dance, or your voice.

Idol: I told you I fell in love with you at first sight. How could you be so heartless to turn me down? I guess you think you’re all that, but I’ll be keeping an eye on you. Let’s see how long you can stay popular. I can’t believe you kicked me out of the broadcast when I had revealed who I was in front of everyone. Why would you embarrass me like that?

Haru admitted that she, too, got upset with his tone and ultimately decided to discuss the  whole situation in a video. The streamer concluded the video by attaching a transaction receipt showing her refund of ₩1.69 million KRW (about $1,380 USD) to the idol.

“I have refunded him the full amount minus the transaction fee.” | HARUTV/YouTube

I got upset at him, too. I’m only human. It felt like he tried to take advantage of me because he thought I’m easy. I felt so offended by the whole thing and I got incredibly pissed. That’s why I decided to make this video.

— Haru

While the streamer kept it as courteous as possible and did not reveal the idol’s identity at any point in the video—though she dropped some hints about the group name—the idol himself surfaced in the comments section of the video, defending his actions and threatening lawsuits against “commenters.” 

A comment under the video, “I Eventually Gave You A Refund, So Please Stop Doing This.” | HARUTV/YouTube

I will pursue legal action against those who leave comments under this video. I will not tolerate this. I hope you’re aware that I can press defamation charges if you choose to discuss my name [in association with the video] based on speculations.

— ZE:A Leader

The YouTube channel ZE:A Leader belongs to ZE:A member Moon Junyoung.

ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung | @zeafter/Instagram

Regarding the contents of Haru’s video, the idol accused Haru of “attention hoarding” using him…

This must be the video in which I’m mentioned. I’m going to talk about this video on my own channel. Please subscribe to find out more about what happened. Once I hit 100K subscribers, I’ll spill the tea. So go ahead. And Haru, you really got all the attention you wanted out of this.

— Moon Junyoung

… and stated via the Korean media Wikitree that he is also looking to “clarify himself via his YouTube channel.”

As for what has happened with Haru, I’m going to take legal action. I’m going to press defamation charges against those who have defamed me. I’m also going to clarify what happened through my YouTube channel.

— Moon Junyoung

Source: Wikitree, Insight, HARUTV, ZE:A Leader and theqoo