Korean Woman Gets Her Snowman Smashed By A Total Stranger: The Internet Gets Heated Over The Interaction Caught On Cam

Is it a harmless prank? Or is it a sign of potential criminal behavior?

On December 20, streamer Chochocobee shared a YouTube short capturing her unpleasant interaction with a stranger she met while making a snowman outside.

Streamer Chochocobee | @chochocobee/YouTube

The stranger, assumed to be a Korean man, approached a smaller snowman in the background and asked the streamer, “Excuse me, did you make this?” The streamer answered, “No.” The stranger then asked, “Can I destoy it, then?”

The short continued to show the stranger kicking the smaller snowman.

Chochocobee: But why?

Stranger: Because I’m bored?

Chochocobee (to viewers): He’s going to kick that one…

Things escalated when the stranger walked closer to the streamer and her snowman. Without much hesitation, the stranger kicked the streamer’s snowman, too—causing her to let out an audible gasp.

To the streamer standing in shock, the stranger “flashed two middle fingers” and then disappeared into the crowd (though the full video mentioned that he lingered around the streamer for a noticeable while—attempting to communicate with her at times, even when she told him to “stay away”).

Chochocobee: Hey! What the-?!

Stranger: Sayonara.

The short soon circulated on Twitter, where things got heated. With 6.5M+ views and counting, the streamer’s short posed a debatable question: Is the stranger a danger to the streamer—and perhaps even the world—for kicking down two snowmen?

A stranger got bored, went up to her, and kicked her snowman out of the blue.

— @Lovx11Very/Twitter

Comments under the YouTube short, in the Quote Tweets, and from online communities all agreed that while, on the surface, “kicking a snowman” can seem harmless, “approaching someone and kicking their snowman for no reason” is a sure sign of “violent nature.”

| @chochocobee/YouTube
  • “One of these winters, he’s going to kick a snowman made with rocks inside and break all his toes. Then, he’ll learn his lesson.”
  • “People like him: Would not have acted the same if someone like Ma Dong Seok was making the snowman.”
  • “I read somewhere that people capable of kicking snowmen for no reason are also capable of hurting animals for no reason. And, in the end, that kind of violent nature will be triggered to hurt people. People who think there’s no harm in behaviors like this, and/or find this violence humorous, are the ones incapable of empathizing with the rest of us. I’m glad the streamer made it home safe.”
  • “I bet the stranger has never, ever been on a date. Never spoken to a woman in his life. He’s doing what he’s doing to get the streamer’s attention, it’s obvious. Just a poor, unfortunate soul with issues.”
  • “Does he think he looks cool doing that? How pathetic.”
  • “A classic example of a loser. He can’t make friends with other men. Can’t date the women. So he has to take it out somewhere. So the snowmen, it is.”
  • “Children do this. Little kids act out for attention. That’s how old this stranger is, in his head. A childish soul, trapped in a grown man’s body, looking for acknowledgement from the opposite sex.”
  • “The streamer should have kicked him in the nuts and blamed it on being bored, too. What a loser.”
  • “Sounds about right to me. He wants her attention but doesn’t know how to get it. He’s interested in her but doesn’t know what to do with himself. Remember in high school? Too bad he’s still stuck in his childish ways.”

Most pointed out that, even though the stranger didn’t pose immediate threat to the streamer, his actions “speak volumes” about who he is as a person.

Picture is for illustrative purposes only. | hey Illust/Unsplash

Yes, a snowman is basically globs of snow. But for the fallen snow to take shape into a snowman, it needs someone’s time and effort. Snowmen don’t spring up from the ground themselves. So if one cannot see the time and effort that went into a random snowman- Like, if one cannot understand that the snowman is indeed not some globs of snow but someone else’s time and effort?

Then that speaks volumes about the person. People like that obviously lack the overall cognitive and social skills needed to live alongside others. And no, that’s not always a problem. But it can be. It can be when it becomes an urge to, say, kick snowmen. Or worse, kick animals. Kick people.

— Netizen

The full video showed Chochocobee re-making the snowman. In the end, the streamer decided to demolish her re-made snowman so the stranger couldn’t get his cheap thrill. She concluded the video, begging viewers “not to go around destroying other people’s snowmen for fun.”

Sigh. I’ll grab a thumbnail and get going.
(Stranger comes back running)
(Tries to protect her snowman.)
Let ME do it!
Oh, no…!
(Stranger flashes a peace sign in the background.)
What an as*hole…
He held up a peace sign? What the f*ck.

— Chochocobee

Was the stranger having some innocent fun? Or is he in the wrong for kicking what he didn’t make? Does he risk becoming a menace to society? Or should the society accept that some build and some break?

Let us know in the comments.

Source: theqoo

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