Here’s How Much Control K-Pop Agencies Have Over Idol’s Live Broadcasts, According To A Former K-Pop Idol

Is everything as natural as we think?

In K-Pop, one of the biggest ways that idols communicate with their fans is through live broadcasts on different platforms. With this feature, idols can chat with fans, share stories, and have fun without formal interviews and schedules restrictions. Yet, like everything in K-Pop, there is some control over them, despite the chaos that sometimes happens.

BTS is not mentioned, but fans love their live broadcasts | BTS/ VLIVE

Former Blady member Tina (now more commonly known as Soobin or Christine Park) took to the DKDKTV YouTube channel to discuss some of the most important questions fans have about K-Pop. From dating non-idols to plastic surgery, she spilled the tea!

One of the questions was, “If you’re going live, are the staff monitoring them or controlling what they’re going to say?

Tina explained that, before idols go live, the artists will normally have a meeting or a discussion about what will happen in the live stream.

They will have normally have a run-down of don’t say this, this, or this. Also, pinpoint and say things like this depending on what live it is.

— Tina

Yet, even with this control, Tina acknowledged that mistakes do happen, and sometimes, it is these moments that fans love the most. Whether it is accidentally spoiling a comeback or just saying something that maybe they shouldn’t, it’s what makes fans love idols even more.

Idols make mistakes too. We see many idols make mistakes on live, and they can’t control it.

— Tina

Host David even recalled a time he was interviewing an idol, and during their break, they were doing a live broadcast. He didn’t realize and accidentally interrupted, and they were extremely shocked! After that, he heard that although there is no script, and you can’t say a set number of things.

Tina then added that these restrictions and lack of ability to share deep and detailed things apply to fans’ questions during the live broadcasts.

An idol might answer, thinking it’s okay to answer. But then the company will be like, ‘Why did you answer a question like that?’

— Tina

David also pointed out that it is common for staff or managers to be present during broadcasts to ensure that they can do any damage control or stop idols from making mistakes or doing something they shouldn’t.

Although fans love to think that broadcasts might be the one time when idols have freedom, in the world of K-Pop, that will never be a full privilege. Yet, it doesn’t stop fans from loving every minute. You can watch the whole video below.


Source: DKDKTV