Why K-Pop Fans Are Running To Bath & Body Works

ARMYs and STAYs are selling-out an item.

K-Pop fans are flocking to Bath & Body Works… But why?

Bath & Body Works is an American retail store chain that primarily sells fragrances, lotions, soaps, and hand sanitizers. Yet, they are attracting K-Pop fans lately.

| Bath & Body Works

The store is especially known for its fragrant and cute PocketBac Hand Sanitizers and its fun designs of holders that one can use as keychains.

| Bath & Body Works
| Bath & Body Works

One of the company’s latest PocketBac Holders has caught the attention of K-Pop fans and two fandoms in particular: BTS‘s ARMYs and Stay Kids‘ STAYs.

Stray Kids

Recently, Bath & Body Works released the “Noise-Making Astronaut.” It is more interactive than the average hand sanitizer holder in that its visor moves and it makes “outer space sounds.” 

| Bath & Body Works

ARMYs rushed to Bath & Body Works upon finding out, considering its release was perfectly timed with BTS Jin‘s new solo single “The Astronaut,” co-written by Coldplay.

Several videos of ARMYs purchasing their little astronauts have gone viral on TikTok over the course of the past week.


inspired by @dilftann 😭 ITS SO FREAKING CUTE 🥹😭 #bts #theastronaut #jin #btsarmy #bts_official_bighit #fyp

♬ The Astronaut – Jin


everything reminds me of Seokjin #bts #bts_official_bighit #kimseokjin #theastronautjin #theastronaut #jin #jinofbts #worldwideshipping

♬ The Astronaut – Jin

One ARMY even creatively put Jin’s BT21 character RJ inside the astronaut suit by cutting him off the packaging of a Créme Shop product.


Replying to @elidorko1121 ASTRO-RJ TUTORIAL ✨ @bts_official_bighit or @Bath & Body Works cut me my check lol #bts #bt21 #btsarmy #btsfyp #btsjin #jintheastronaut #theastronaut #btsdiycrafts

♬ The Astronaut – Jin

Likewise, STAYs are doing the exact same thing with Stray Kids’ SKZOO. Look how cute!

Stray Kids have a song called “Astronaut” from their compilation album SKZ2020. So, naturally, STAYs were eager to purchase the astronaut holder too!

Sure enough, the “Noise-Making Astronaut PocketBac Holder” has sold-out online. However, some can still be found in stores.

| Bath & Body Works

And if there was any doubt that K-Pop fans are the ones selling them out, you can find reviews like the one below…

| Bath & Body Works

This wouldn’t be the first time K-Pop fans ran to a store to buy an unexpected item. Similarly, ARMYs sold out a dog toy at Target because of Jin. Read more below.

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Source: Bath & Body Works

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