K-Pop Fans Voice Concerns With A New Possible Twitter Update

“… Pls open your twt…”

Twitter has been undergoing many changes, including a new verification policy that left K-Pop fans both concerned

And laughing.

Recently, a new possible update has been announced: removing inactive accounts.

Although no further details about this possible change have been revealed, many K-Pop fans have voiced their concerns about artists’ official accounts. In some instances, idols simply don’t update their Twitter accounts, so fans are urging them to do so quickly.

In other cases, fans are worried that disbanded groups, who have no current activities to post, will lose their official Twitter accounts that have been serving as an archive for fans to look back on.

Similarly, in the case of deceased celebrities, fans are desperate to be able to still access their Twitter account.

Some netizens have voiced their hope that exceptions might be made for accounts that serve as archives for fans. And some are hoping that, at the very least, an archive feature can be introduced so the Twitter accounts aren’t completely lost.

It is also possible that accounts that have been verified won’t be deleted, which is giving some fans hope.

And, fortunately, it seems like these inactive accounts will likely be archived, although there are still no specific details.

Only time will tell how this update will actually play out or if it will even happen, but K-Pop fans hope to make their concerns heard.

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