Kwon Eunbi Floods Instagram With Sexy Photos After Waterbomb Performance

These pics are going viral!

After her iconic performance at this year’s Waterbomb Festival, netizens fell more in love with Kwon Eunbi than ever before for her “hot girl” visuals.

Soon after, she showcased the gorgeous look on Instagram!

Kwon Eunbi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Rocking a Burberry swimsuit, her luxurious look costs over $500 USD.

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Adding a sheer shirt and white skirt, Eunbi’s outfit was perfect for the summer event.

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Particularly, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that both her face and body are absolutely stunning — Eunbi is the full package!

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Her pretty face and stunning body proportions earned her the title of “hot girl” as netizens flocked to the comments to express their love for her.

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

It’s no wonder she’s going viral for this sexy look!

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