Kwon Eunbi Goes Viral For Super Sexy “Waterbomb 2023” Look

Sexy queen of the 4th generation.

Kwon Eunbi recently uploaded a bunch of super hot photos to her Instagram after her Waterbomb 2023 performance.

| @silver_rain._/Instagram

She wore a plaid bikini top under a see-through cardigan, paired with a white skirt.

| @silver_rain._/Instagram

The look was perfect for a water festival.

| @silver_rain._/Instagram

Given her toned body and curves, everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off her. Both Korean netizens and international audiences had much to say about the explosive look.

| instiz
  • Wow… This unnie has it all.
  • So pretty, my Princess.
  • Really pretty.
  • Wow, she’s so sexy.
  • Such a hot girl~
  • This unnie has everything…
  • So pretty…
  • Unnie, I love you.

She sure put on a show at Waterbomb!

She did not disappoint! The outfit drove everyone insane.

Eunbi slayed the live performance.

She had a blast with the audience!

We love seeing a sexy queen thrive.


Source: Instiz