Kwon Mina Calls Out Jimin Again And Urgently Requests For Her To Contact Her

“Please call me. You know my number.”

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has called out Jimin once again on Instagram.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina | @kvwowv/Instagram

Just a few hours ago, a comment was left by Kwon Mina on one of Jimin’s old photos and the content of her comment has been making headlines.

Kwon Mina’s comment on Jimin’s old post | @jiminbaby_18/Instagram

Guilt? You cried, begged, and then cried again? You’re full of lies. Of course you don’t understand what I’m going through. You hated me for no reason and bullied me. You weren’t attentive enough to see what was going on? Weren’t you like my CCTV? You were my shadow, as you followed me to find the smallest fault in me. Your words and actions were so different from what you wrote. Your acting is the best, I’ll admit that. Please call me. You know my number. There has been no response despite all the attempts I’ve made to contact you..

— Kwon Mina @kvwowv/Instagram

This is not the first time that Kwon Mina has called out Jimin publicly. Previously, the former AOA member made similar attempts to get Jimin’s attention, as she made public Instagram posts that shared her frustrations with Jimin.

Former AOA member Jimin | OSEN

Kwon Mina has been making posting pretty regularly ever since the bullying controversy went public back in 2020. Kwon Mina alleged that she was bullied by Jimin for over a decade during their time together promoting with the girl group. Jimin has since apologized, withdrew from her position in AOA, and has retired from the industry. Mina has been consistent with her updates, however, as she continues to post about her past sufferings.