Kwon Mina Updates Instagram Bio And States She Will Reveal The Truth After Self-Reflection

She will return with the truth.

It looks like former AOA member Kwon Mina will be revealing additional information regarding recent incidents soon. Recently, Kwon Mina edited her personal Instagram bio with a message. 

| @kvwowv/Instagram

I will reveal the clear truth about my ex-boyfriend Yoo as well as the truth of all the stories about me and Shin (Shin Jimin), as well as all other things you are curious about and speculating about, I will reveal it all. One by one. I will welcome all criticism and will reveal everything after I have had time to think and self-reflect.

⁠— Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina previously revealed she was in a relationship last month through Instagram but was swept up in cheating allegations and ultimately apologized and admitted to her mistakes through a live broadcast and announced she would be taking time off of social media to self-reflect. 

Source: hankyung