Lai Kuanlin Calls Out Sasaeng Fans Who Stalk Him At The Hotel

He’s had enough.

Wanna One‘s Lai Kuanlin has had enough of the sasaeng fans who continually disrupt his rest after his long, hectic schedules. He updated his Weibo, calling them out as he claimed sasaeng fans would find out information about his hotel and stalk him while he is trying to rest.


He was forced to move hotels for his safety and others as sasaeng fans would continue to use illegal methods to invade his private life. He angrily called them out and demanded that they stop.

I’ve always been curious – is it illegal to sell hotel and ID information?

Spent a good day working but ended up not being able to rest after coming back. The reason is that there are sasaengs all around, so I have to change hotels.

You can’t be serious. What gives you the right to do this?

I’ll say it once more – there is no need for you all to check up on my private life. Please control yourselves or else I’m going to lose it.

— Lai Kuanlin


Despite his warning, sasaeng fans began posting Lai Kuanlin’s private information and his flight schedules on Weibo.


Lai Kuanlin has suffered extensive stalking from sasaeng fans even before his debut when he appeared on Produce 101 Season 2. Even earlier this year, sasaeng fans continued to harass him as they would follow too close to him, causing him to get injured.


Hopefully, sasaeng fans will understand Lai Kuanlin’s message and respect his privacy from afar.

Source: Weibo

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