LAPILLUS’s Chanty Spills On What Lies In Her Future As An Actress

She wants her fans to be proud of her.

LAPILLUS has gained many fans for their powerful performances, talented members, and catchy track “HIT YA!”

Although all of LAPILLUS are being praised for their immense talent, vocalist Chanty was already well loved by the public for her acting and modeling career.

Chanty | @Lapillus_twt/Twitter

Chanty was born in Manilla, spent her childhood in Argentina, and then moved back to the Philippines, where she began her acting and modeling career. Signed to Star Magic, one of the biggest agencies based in the Philippines, Chanty acted in dramas up until 2020.

I started acting training when I was 13, and I started acting when I was 15.


In an interview with the YouTube channel ZIPPING, Chanty opened up about the possible continuation of her acting career, eagerly admitting that she would love to act in a K-Drama if given the opportunity.

Yes, I want to act in Korea.


Haeun, Chanty, and Shana | ZIPPING/YouTube 

Chanty explains that K-Dramas are incredibly popular in the Philipines, so her Filipino fans would be extra proud of her.

K-Dramas and K-Pop are famous in the Philippines. So if I act in Korea, Filipinos will say, ‘Wow, Chanty comes out in K-Drama!’


| ZIPPING/YouTube 

In fact, Chanty was partly inspired by her love of K-Dramas to become a K-Pop idol.

I watched K-Dramas every day in the Philippines. And I naturally thought, ‘I want to do something like this too.’


| ZIPPING/YouTube 

Hopefully fans will get to see Chanty’s K-Drama debut soon.

You can read more about Chanty’s acting career here.

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